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Rambo had to bow out after the wheelie competition due to mechanical problems.  The rest of the field took off the gloves and let it all hang out in the freestyle competition. 

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This was the first time we saw Wild Hair, and both truck and driver were impressive.  Jason Witte has one hot Chevy!  The truck has a beautiful paint job that looks like different colors depending on the lighting, and how far away you are standing.  Jason won the freestyle and side-by-side events on Friday night.  He would prove to be a formidible opponent on Saturday too.  He put in an outstanding freestyle performance.

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John Seasock is the perennial Sportsman of the Year, and always a crowd favorite.  He made a very nice freestyle run in Sudden Impact.  He topped it off with his own version of the old Tom Meents wing walk, putting the truck on auto-pilot as he climbed out onto the roof of the cab to wave to the fans.

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Diehl Wilson and Virginia Giant start any freestyle competition with an advantage.  Any truck that looks as good as the Giant has 10 points in the bank before it even hits the first jump.  That, combined with luck of the draw in following Wild Hair was the difference on Saturday night.  Both Virginia Giant and Wild Hair gave excellent freestyle performances.  The Giant got the win, but I would have hated to try to judge them.  They were both too good to lose.

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Guy Wood brought Bulldozer out for a good, although short, freestyle run.  He hit the cars twice, and then the engine started acting up.  Rather than risk falling out of the side-by-side racing competition, Guy wrapped things up early, and headed for the pits to make some adjustments.

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