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Galactron and Reptar have rejoined the battle of Good vs. Evil in 2002.  They entertained the crowd after the intermission.


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Winning the freestyle competition won Virginia Giant a bye in the first round of side-by-side racing.  The lights were just coming back up after intermission when the giant made its solo run.

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The second race put Rambo up against Wild Hair.  Rambo's problems continued as sitting out the freestyle wasn't enough to get Mike Nitchke's truck back on track.  Wild Hair got lots of air out of the hole shot, and still won handily.  

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Bulldozer made a nice looking run against Sudden Impact in the next race.  The Bull went airborne, which cost Guy Wood the race.  John Seasock kept Sudden Impact low over the cars.  The more efficient line led the Ford to victory.  Bulldozer advanced to the next round too, as fast loser.


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Bulldozer drew Virginia Giant for the first of the second round races.  Guy Wood had to race out of the same lane again, with similar results.  Bulldozer got a little too much air, and Diehl Wilson took advantage of it to get Virginia Giant over the finish line ahead of the Bull.   The lane that had helped Bulldozer win the wheelie event hurt it in the races.

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Wild Hair aired it out against Sudden Impact in the next race, but a great start made up for the time lost in the air.  Jason Witte rode a great looking jump into the final.


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The Final was a well fought battle of two worthy opponents.  Both trucks got off the line quickly and hit the cars in good shape.  They both stayed fairly low in the their jumps, but Wild Hair got up a little higher in the air than Virginia Giant.  It was really too close to call at the finish line from where we sat.  When the dust settled, the coolest looking Ford truck on the planet was awarded the win.  It was a great night for Diehl Wilson and the Giant, winning the freestyle and side-by-side.  Wild Hair was right on his tail all night long.  Jason Witte's Chevy is a force to be reckoned with.   The fans were the real winners in a fantastic show at the Roundhouse.

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Thanks to Sue Antic and Tom Williams at Clear Channel Entertainment for arranging our access to the show!