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Each truck got a run in the Sky Wheelie Competition.  They were judged by a panel of judges in the audience, helped by the rest of the crowd. 

Reptoid did a respectable wheelie to start the competition.  Sudden Impact followed with my personal favorite.  John Seasock launched the Ford high up off of the cars.  He came down hard and almost rolled the truck.  He was somehow able to pull out of it and get the truck back on all four wheels.  He lost most of the rear end in the process, and the crowd went crazy!

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Eradicator was next, but Sudden impact was a hard act to follow. 

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Carl Van Horn had the next run, and he almost got Pure Adrenaline vertical, but not quite.  It was still a great wheelie!

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Grave Digger was the last truck out.  Randy Brown knew what he had to do to win.  He got the truck up high and very near vertical, dragging the skull and crossbone flag on the cars.  Digger took home the wheelie championship.

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