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You really haven't lived until you've seen Jim Jack rev Reptoid into a donut frenzy with it's red eyes lit up and smoke bellowing from between its fangs.  It just doesn't get any better than that!  Reptoid was my hands down favorite in the donut competition, but the judges disagreed.  Going first has it's disadvantages.  

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Pure Adrenaline was next, and Carl Van Horn showed his prowess with a nice tight spin.  Man, it was loud!  John Seasock did his best to get Sudden Impact twirling, but the missing rear end seemed to dull the vision.

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Eradicator did a decent wheelie, and then it was time for Digger!  Randy Brown got the panel truck spinning into a great donut in the very corner of the arena.  Going last helped him out, but the icing on the cake was pulling off the steering wheel and throwing it out the window in mid-donut.  The judges ate it up!  Digger 2, everybody else 0.

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