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Tall0039.jpg (26681 bytes) At 5:00 p.m., the anticipation had grown to a fever pitch, and the crowd was ready to rock and roll.   Race 1 was the fastest qualifier-Tonka vs. the slowest-Gun Slinger.  This was a fast race, with Eric Tack taking the win, but Scott Hartsock laid down a good run that would allow him to come back as a fast loser in round 2.
The second race was a match between two new trucks.  Both of them ran well, but the extensive seat time of the veteran Gary Porter was the difference as Pure Adrenaline defeated Iceman.  This was a tough course for all of the drivers, and Steve Macklyn got some valuable experience that will serve him well in the future.  Watch for the Iceman to win some events before too long. Tall0041.jpg (26375 bytes)
Tall0044.jpg (27243 bytes) John Seasock is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and a great driver.  That wasn't enough to overcome the difficult draw he got in the first round.  Runte was simply in the groove, and the Bigfoot machine was running like the wind.  This one just wasn't close, it was Bigfoot all the way.
David Morris and Mark Hall were starting to think "we have to stop meeting like this".   Executioner and Equalizer had been going at each other all day, and were teamed up again in the first round of the side-by-sides.  David Morris was getting more comfortable with the track with each run.  Equalizer took the win, but Executioner secured the second fast loser spot with a nice run of its own. Tall0045.jpg (26211 bytes)
Tall0048.jpg (26703 bytes) Eradicator got a great start, and had almost a truck-length lead over Virginia Giant as they came off of the second jump.  Virginia Giant made up all of that and then some in the final 100 ft to advance to the next round.
Samson took care of Tropical Thunder rather handily in the last race of the first round.  Guy Wood would have to watch the rest of the action for the pits. Tall0051.jpg (27469 bytes)


Tall0054.jpg (30211 bytes) Mark Hall picked a good time to finally get the track figured out.  Executioner came back from almost failing to qualify, and sliding into round 2 as a fast loser in round 1, to deliver the biggest upset of the day.  Mark ran a near perfect race to knock out the newest member of the Bigfoot fleet.
The next race was a battle of two premier drivers.  Runte vs. Porter.  Bigfoot continued its domination with another extremely fast run. Tall0056.jpg (29864 bytes)
Tall0059.jpg (30677 bytes) The next race was a close one.  Virginia Giant and Equalizer were neck-to-neck across the second set of cars.  Equalizer got a cleaner landing and was able to accelerate through the last 100 ft for the victory.
Scott Hartsock and Gun Slinger have a way of sneaking up on you.  Finishing with the worst qualifying time after sitting out the second and third qualifying rounds, one almost got the impression that Scott was disinterested.  He then sneaked into the second round as a fast loser, and now he was up against the mighty Samson.  No sweat, right?...Wrong!  Second big upset as Gun Slinger gunned downed Samson to advance to the semi-finals. Tall0062.jpg (29571 bytes)