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Tall0067.jpg (27372 bytes) It was a great Cinderella story, but Mark Hall's dance with destiny ended abruptly when Executioner came up against Bigfoot in the first of the semi-final races.  It was a great run, but Team Bigfoot's reigning King secured a spot in the fist Talladega monster truck final.
The Controversy...

Gun Slinger and Equalizer lined it up to see who would go against the big blue Ford for all the marbles.  It was a great race with Gun Slinger tearing up the first half of the course and building a sizable lead as the trucks headed into the second set of cars.  It looked like a sure victory, but somehow, Equalizer dug down deep for some extra horsepower in the last open stretch, and nipped Gun Slinger at the finish line.  But wait, grab that rule book.   Gun Slinger's clock showed 0.00.

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Tall0075.jpg (27653 bytes) After a long confab among the officials, and a good bit of nervous prodding by Army Armstrong, it was determined that the race would need to be re-run because the equipment malfunctioned.  They ran it again, this time with Gun Slinger taking the victory, but again, the clock failed to record a time.  After another lengthy pow-wow (Army was beside himself by this time), they finally gave the race to the original winner - Equalizer.  Everybody was confused and frustrated, but on with the show!


Tall0077.jpg (29993 bytes) The track officials worked on the timing equipment for a long time after the controversial second semi-final race.  When the dust had settled, and the air had cleared, it was Bigfoot vs. Equalizer for the Championship in the first day's racing.  Both of the trucks got off the line cleanly, and through the first jump in good shape.
Bigfoot started to pull away as they came out of the second jump.  David Morris had found himself in this position on several occasions earlier, and following the formula that had brought him success, he poured it on as he landed from the jump.  This time he lost it, and the truck went up on two wheels, almost going over before David pulled it out.  Bigfoot sailed on for the win.   Dan Runte received a special award for winning the first monster truck race at Talladega.  Rain shut down the second day of racing after the qualifying round.   It will be rescheduled. Tall0078.jpg (28695 bytes)
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Even with the controversy in the semi-final round, the ProMT series is a great event.   I hope I get to return for the second day of racing when it is rescheduled.   We had a large time at the show.  Keep it up ProMT!