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Tall0011.jpg (31094 bytes) Diehl Wilson knew his first round run of 8.13 seconds wasn't likely to guarantee a slot in the races.  He took care of that concern with a 6.85 second shot in round 2.  He really poured it on in the last 100 ft. and bested the Tonka truck which recorded 6.95 seconds.
Tall0013.jpg (30912 bytes) Gunslinger sat out round 2, hoping  the first round 7.54 second run would hold.  Dan Runte improved on his first round time with a 6.62 second bye run.
The hard luck duo of Executioner and Equalizer went back at it in round 2, with David Morris redeeming himself with a 6.99 second run.  However, Mark Hall continued to keep the Dodge on the ragged edge of elimination.  He was all over the track, and finished his second run at 9.31 seconds.  He would have one last chance to pull the fat out of the fire. Tall0015.jpg (28396 bytes)
Tall0021.jpg (31650 bytes) Samson ran the fastest qualifying time so far, running a 6.46 second shot in the second round.  Pure Adrenaline also had a respectable 6.87 second run.
John Seasock had trouble getting Sudden Impact cranked again, but got it started in time to run the course in 7.31 seconds.  Blown Thunder pulled hard to the left, but finished at 7.78 seconds - better than Executioner. Tall0025.jpg (29282 bytes)
Tall0031.jpg (31228 bytes) Tall0032.jpg (23914 bytes)
Iceman ran round 2 in 7 seconds flat, but the truck spun at the end of the track, and missed crashing through the barrier by what looked to be only a foot or two.  Tropical Thunder bettered its first round time by 1/100 of a second.
Tall0034.jpg (31140 bytes) Eradicator wound up the second round of qualifying with another solid bye run.  Going into the final round of qualifying, the trucks on the bubble were Executioner and Blown Thunder.  It was sudden death time at Talladega.



Tall0037.jpg (31756 bytes) Eric Tack didn't need to run Tonka in round three, but he did to get used to the track.  He turned in the fastest qualifying time of the day at 6.42 seconds in a bye run.
Mark Hall brought Executioner up to the line for his last chance to make the field.  It was a rough ride, with a slide into home plate, but the red and white Dodge came up with a 6.95 second run that was good enough to make the cut. Tall0097.jpg (29240 bytes)
Tall0090.jpg (31661 bytes) It was down to Blown Thunder to answer the call.  Unfortunately, it was a poor run for Doug Cole who was hoping for a home crowd advantage performing only 70 miles from home.  Blown Thunder got hung up at a bad angle going over the second jump.  He was eliminated from the racing, as Eradicator went on to post a 7.26 second time.