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August in Alabama is a song that can be named in three notes:  H...O...T!  August 6 was a scorcher, but the sun was at a nice angle by show time, and it was a great opportunity for pictures.  Here are the Sunday qualifying runs.

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It was Deja Vu all over again, as Clydesdale and Mercenary got the draw for the first race of the afternoon.  It was nothing new under the sun, as Bennett Clark fired the Chevy off the line and into the Final like a bullet. The second race was very close, but Donny Smith got great acceleration into the stack of cars and beat After Shock by a few feet at the finish line.  This time the officials saw it the same way we did, and it was Ford vs. Chevy in the Final.


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Ford vs. Chevy.  Two great trucks, and two first class drivers.  Two stacks of cars and plenty of red Alabama dirt.  The smell of burning alcohol, the deafening roar of 1500 HP blown engines, and the vibration you can feel through the wooden bleachers when the green flag goes down.  These are some of my favorite things as a Monster Truck fan.  Bad Influence beat Clydesdale off the line and held onto the lead across the cars and over the finish line.  Donny Smith took the victory to the delight of his home town crowd.

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The Side-by-side racing was exciting, but there was one more competition left in the weekend's event schedule.  All four trucks came out to put on one of the best freestyle performances we've seen in awhile.    The trucks were running much better in the hot afternoon sun, and the drivers gave the Muscle Shoals fans something to remember for a long time to come.  Click on each of the pictures below to go to that truck's freestyle picture gallery.

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