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Bennett Clark is an interesting guy.   His accomplishments are diverse and many.  Bennett ran the rodeo circuit for many years.  He was a world champion bull rider, and is still a cowboy at heart.   Next to the other awards in his trophy case there is also an Olympic Bronze Medal for the 100 yard dash.  He's been running a Monster Truck for over 20 years now, but there are two traits that still characterize him:  competitiveness, and showmanship.   They are the heart of the success he has enjoyed in everything he has done.   Bennett Clark is a southern gentleman, a fierce competitor, and a showman extraordinaire.  His freestyle performance on Sunday was as good as you'll see anywhere, and he was quick to meet the fans and sign autographs after the show.  The pictures tell the story, and yes... he won the freestyle competition judged by the fans.

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Thanks Bennett!  You da man!