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The lighting at the Muscle Shoals Fairgrounds is not very friendly for night time photography, but we pushed the film as far as it would go.  The pictures from the Sunday afternoon show are far superior, so don't give up before you look at them.  The Monsters have come to Muscle Shoals several times in the past, but this was the best crowd response ever.  They had to keep putting up additional bleacher seating as the fans continued to pour in right up till show time on Saturday night.  The local Chevy dealer, Jim Bishop, sponsored a good advertising effort that paid off big time.


Each truck took a solo qualifying run to set up the racing brackets for the side-by-side drags.   The format was then single elimination in the first round to set up the final.

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The qualifying round set up Clydesdale vs. Mercenary for the first side-by-side action of the night.  The picture tells it all.  Bennett got the hole shot, and left Mercenary in the dust.  Clydesdale would be in the Finals all weekend.

The second race featured the Bad Influence Ford against the After Shock Chevy.  This one was closer.  They gave the win to After Shock, but the pictures and the video we took sure look like Donny nipped him.


MS00015.jpg (33367 bytes) The Saturday night Final was a good, close race.  Jim Bishop was smiling as two hot running Chevy Monsters lined it up for Sweet Home Alabama bragging rights.   Clydesdale and After Shock both got a great launch off the starting line.  As they hit the cars, it was too close to call, with both drivers gunning it for all it was worth.  When they hit the finish line, Clydesdale was ahead by a foot...two at the most.  The crowd loved it!

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The humidity was playing havoc with the acohol burning engines by the time freestyle rolled around on Saturday night.  Mercenary, Clydesdale, and After Shock all took freestyle runs, but had to cut them short.  Bad Influence was running rich, and Donny elected to pass on the freestyle competition.  Clydesdale swept the night's events with the freestyle win.  The freestyle on Sunday afternoon more than made up for the problems the drivers had on Saturday night.  Don't miss it.  It was fantastic!

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