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Single qualifying runs set up the racing brackets for Round 1, with Bad News and Lone Wolf as the first two trucks at the starting line.  Eddie Yowman is still working on his timing off the start, and Bruce Haney's drag racing experience was just too much for Lone Wolf to overcome.  Bad News rode a picture perfect launch over the cars to victory.
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King Krunch and Krimson Krusher got the second race, and it was a fairly close one.  Scott Stephens got Krunch into the cars a little straighter, and beat Greg in the red Ford by about a half a truck length.
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Monster Patrol had the fastest qualifying time, but rather than having a bye run, the track oficials gave Lone Wolf one last chance to advance to the next round.   It was a valiant attempt, but Harkey had Monster Patrol kickin' butts and takin' names, and getting plenty of air in the process.


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King Krunch and Bad News led off the second round.  Both trucks got off the line in good shape, but Bad News had a fraction of a second edge that Bruce pressed into a win.  It was a close one, and the crowd loved it.
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Krimson Krusher got to take on Monster Patrol in the semifinal as the fast loser from Round 1.  This was actually a pretty close contest, but the track officials gave the victory to Monster Patrol, along with a ticket to the Final.


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The Final was a dandy!  Both trucks got a good start and hit the cars with a vengeance.  It was sheer horsepower that took the checkered flag in the end.  Harkey poured it on, and countered a great run by Bad News as Monster Patrol held on for the win.