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In my favorite move of the year by PACE, Freestyle is a now a competitive event with three judges from the audience calling the shots.  They even get a set of cards, numbered 1-10, to hold up when voting.  It makes for a lot of fun, and a whole new set of opportunities for points in the run for the Vegas Championship in March.   Sit back and enjoy the show!

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So...who would you pick?

A.  Lone Wolf                 B.   Krimson Krusher
C.  Bad News                 C.   King Krunch
D.  Monster Patrol

Need to use a life line?  Call a friend for guidance, or use the 50/50?  You say you'll poll the audience for their opinion?  O.K., what's the answer to the million dollar question?  Final answer???

Final answer!

It's D.  Monster Patrol.  Harkey swept the show.

Thanks again to Greg Adams and the Krimson Krusher/Lone Wolf Team for arranging our access to the show.