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The Monster Truck Racing Series
Event 2
June 3-4, 2000

Thirteen high powered monster trucks came to the legendary Talladega Super Speedway on June 3, 2000 to take their places in history.  ProMT chose Talladega as the second stop on their inaugural points championship tour.  This was the first monster truck racing ever to be held at Talladega.  Bob Chandler and Eric Meagher presided over the weigh-ins and racing action.  Trucks had to weigh at least 9,500 lbs to compete.  No 3-D bodies were allowed, and each truck had to display an assigned number.  A challenging 400 ft. track with two sets of cars was set up in the infield. TThunder1.jpg (36444 bytes)
Tall0064.jpg (31784 bytes) The closest thing to freestyle that happened was Eric Tack's wheel stand in the new Tonka truck.   Other than that, it was a weekend of serious racing.  The track had a long stretch of no man's land between the jumps, and the finish line was still 100 ft. away when the trucks came off of the second jump.  More than one of the experienced drivers had trouble getting used to it.  Army Armstrong was on hand to call the play-by-play, and for a time, everything was right in the world of monster trucks (except no Grave Digger).  On Saturday, qualifying tipped off at high noon, with the side-by-sides beginning at 5:00 p.m.

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