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Digger got a bye in the 1st Round as a result of winning the three previous competitions.  Sudden Impact took out Reptoid in the first race thanks to a rare poor start by Jim Jack.  Pure Adrenaline got the best of Eradicator in the second race.

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In the first Semi-Final race, Pure Adrenaline got up a little high off of the cars, but still had enough power to beat Sudden Impact to the finish line.  Eradicator got into the Semis as the fast loser.  The second race matched the Durango against Digger, and it wasn't very close.  Digger was set to run the table for the night.  Could Randy Brown do it one more time?


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Pure Adrenaline vs. Digger for the Final.  Great trucks, top-notch drivers.  Line 'em up and let it rip!  This was was truly decided by a matter of inches.  I would say somewhere between 6 and 12.  In an ironic twist, Carl Van Horn beat Randy Brown in his own truck!  Pure Adrenaline won the final and spoiled Digger's perfect night.  Randy let Carl know, after a little post-racing freestyle, that he didn't necessarily agree with the judges.  It was a great night of Monster Jammin' In Huntsville, AL!

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