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Law00046.jpg (28086 bytes) Only 0.23 seconds separated Mercenary and Equalizer in the qualifying round.  The two fastest qualifiers were paired up for the first side-by-side of the night.  It started pretty even, but Equalizer pulled away as they hit the cars to land a spot in the final for the second night in a row.
Law00050.jpg (28214 bytes) Even with the problems Bennett was having with the truck, Clydesdale made this one close.  Bad Infulence had a good run, and it was just enough to get to the Final again. 
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One more time, it was Chevy lining up vs. Ford in the Final.  Two great trucks, and two talented drivers.
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This was a very close race.  I wouldn't have wanted to be the one that had to call the winner.   Both trucks fired off the starting line and hit the cars in good position.   The track officials gave it to Bad Influence.  All I could tell from my angle is that it was extremely close.  Donny will have a chance to tune that new engine before his next race in Muscle Shoals, AL in August.  Watch out, if he gets it running even faster than it is!