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Other People's Pix

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This section is set aside for cool stuff  that other fans send me.  If you've got a good picture or other Monster Truck material you'd like to see under the palms for everyone to see, E-mail it to me at ...
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The first contribution comes from Rich Tearle (better known in MT circles as... Digger Dude)from Virginia.  Rich is an avid RC hobbyist when he isn't watching the real thing.  He's pretty proud of the picture below of him and the #1 Digger Dude admiring his handiwork.  Who wouldn't be?   Dennis always takes the time to thank his fans for their interest and support.    Rich and Dennis, a winning team!  Many thanks to Digger Dude for giving me the idea to start this page, and for the great pic!  We'll see if it catches on.

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Here's one from monster truck guru Brian Manson.  Brian and partner-in-crime Andrew Palochko are Webmasters for the awesome website.  Brian captured a shot of the new Nitemare paint job while doing some tough duty coverage of an event on the beach.  Thanks for the pic Brian!  I'm looking forward to seeing the new design at a show sometime soon.

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The next set of photos is from B.J. of New Castle, PA.  B.J. is an avid fan who has been to many a Monster Truck show over the years.  You can check out more of his pix at

Thanks B.J.!

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Top left:  Aussie Battler

Top right:  Semi Monster

Left:  Stomper Bully


Dane Loch, Webmaster of, sent me this picture of Sting.  It was taken during a freestyle performance at the TWA Dome in St. Louis, MO in March 1998.  Nice shot Dane!

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I got this great picture from Donny Smith, Owner & Driver of Bad Influence and Lon Ranger.  It's a shot of Stomper and Bigfoot at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL many moons ago.   It was events like this one that sparked his interest in the Monsters at a young age.  Donny and I are fellow Alabamians.  We live just across the Tennessee River from each other in the northwest corner of the state.  I always go to see him race whenever he's in the area.  He's one of the best!  Catch Bad Influence at a show if you can sometime.  You can also visit Donny's website at   Thanks for the pic Donny, and keep that hood on the truck this year!

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More from Rich Tearle - Monster RC'n

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Billy sent me this nice shot of American Cowboy from a Thunder National event in Milwaukee, WI.


Thanks Billy

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I got this awesome picture of The Rock from former driver Moon Dawg (Chris Guzman).  It was taken by a fan.  Chris was kind enough to share the picture with us.

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