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Bob Chandler & Co. brought their Bigfoot 25th Anniversary Celebration to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville on September 8-9, 2000.  My pictures turned out lousy because of the poor lighting at the old Nashville Speedway, but I decided to post coverage anyway, because this is one of the best shows we've seen all year.  Please excuse the quality of the pictures taken after dark.

The Nashville show was an incredible treat for Monster Truck Fans.  The original Monster Truck, Bigfoot 1 was there, driven by Bob Chandler himself!  Bigfoot 5, with its huge tires,  joined three Bigfoot team members of the modern racing era: Bigfoot 14, Firestone Wilderness, and Snakebite.  It was a great night of side-by-side and Chicago style MT racing, excellent Tuff Trucks, and a demo derby.  We caught the Friday night show.

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nash0033.jpg (34847 bytes) Dan Runte is the senior driver among the Bigfoot team.  A new state-of-the-art truck is in the works, and Dan will have first crack at it if he wants it.  Right now he's driving the ChromaLusion body on Bigfoot 14, specially designed for the new millennium.   Bigfoot 14 has served him well in racing events, and still holds the long jump record.
Eric Tack has his own impressive list of accomplishments in Bigfoot 15.  On this tour, he drove the Firestone Wilderness body.  Firestone needs all of the good publicity it can get, with its recent tire recall problems. nash0034.jpg (35415 bytes)
nash0036.jpg (34466 bytes) We have always loved Snakebite.  This was the first time we've had the opportunity to see it since the Fright Night show in Louisville in October 1998.  Bryan Bertoletti was driving the Snake in Nashville.
Scott Hartsock brought Gun Slinger up from Florida to challenge the Bigfoot fleet.  Gun Slinger is always very competitive.

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nash0037.jpg (35808 bytes) John Seasock made the long journey from the Keystone state to run Sudden Impact in the Nashville event.  John is a favorite with the fans wherever he goes.
Jim Koehler rounded out the racing field with Avenger out of Michigan.  This is an exciting truck and driver.  Avenger sports an extremely slick paint job. nash0038.jpg (40515 bytes)