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We live just across the Tennessee River from Donny Smith, but we don't get to see him nearly as often as we'd like.  It's great to have a  Monster Trucker in your neighborhood to root for, and a special treat for us whenever we get to see the truck run.  Bad Influence always gets the local crowd pumped up, and Saturday night in Tuscumbia was no exception.   Donny aired it out from one end of the track to the other, and didn't hold anything back.  He was rewarded with a huge roar from the fans when he was done. 

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We hadn't seen Kirk Dabney for a long time.  The truck was still Extreme Overkill back then.  Now it's Bear Foot, but Kirk is still the same wild man behind the wheel.  The Bear Foot freestyle was brief, but intense.  Kirk brought the truck out onto the course, and promptly lined up for a backwards jump over the cars!  He got great air, but he paid the price on the landing.  He was able to make another pass, but when he tried to line up a second backward jump, the truck died.  It had to be towed off the course.  Bearfoot won the freestyle on the strength of the backward jump, but the truck was out for the night.  

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The Extreme Team truck gave the fans an opportunity to experience what it feels like to ride in a Monster.  The real extreme team in the arena that night was the freestyle motocross riders!  Those guys just ain't right.  They did some incredible stunts while flying through mid air from ramp to ramp.  It was a great show by two very talented riders.

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