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FEBRUARY 12, 2000


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Lone Wolf, driven by up-and-coming driver Eddie Yowman, is the second Ford in the Adams Motorsports fleet.  The truck is touring with Krimsom Krusher this winter.  Eddie is gaining seat time, and getting better each week.  His freestyle performance at the Crossroads was vastly improved from the one he did a month ago in Birmingham.
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I witnessed the King Krunch crash at the Charlotte Truck Fest back in June 1997, when the whole speedway held its breath until we knew that Scott Stephens was O.K.  It was great to see him back in the saddle.  The truck looks a lot different than the one I saw that day, but Scott hasn't let up a bit on his wide open driving style.  I'm also voting for him for loudest Monster Truck on the circuit.
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Greg Adams had Krimson Krusher tuned and primed for the Saturday night Mississippi crowd.  The new tailgate is already history, but he's not hauling anything but alcohol fuel in the back anyhow.  He was fresh off a win at the Fargo Dome in North Dakota.
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Bruce Haney is running the old Excalibur truck as Bad News.  Bruce is a veteran of drag racing, and is making the change to Monsters with ease.  This is a very competitive truck that was impressive in both side-by-side and freestyle.
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The last time I saw Dave Harkey, he was driving Dungeon of Doom for Team Bigfoot at the 1997 Louisville Fright Night show.  Now he's running a Monster Patrol truck for Paul Shafer.  It's a great truck and driver matchup.
Cor0007.jpg (33519 bytes) The show at the Crossroads also featured the BMX Team, and a pretty decent version of Quad Wars that pitted Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State. It was a nice change from the old Team North vs. South format, and actually had an air of true competition.  Mississippi Sate won, to the delight of about half of the crowd.
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